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Unit of Measure

General Applications


  • Protection of high pressure sewer jetting hoses


N/A Flexible Polyethylene (LDPE) Tube with Polyethylene (LDPE) Ribs and Cuffed Ends

Service Temperature

Service Temperature

N/A -40 to 150 ºF-40 to 65 ºC

Features and Advantages


  • Easy Slide Interior – low coefficient of friction polyethylene tube allows for sewer jetting hoses to slide through easily, protecting them from wear.
  • "Cold-Flex" Materials – Remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Crush Resistant – Will spring back to original shape after being crushed, will not kink!
  • Easy Slide Helix – Exposed ribs protect tube from cover wear, and allow hose to slide easily over rough surfaces. Easy-to-handle.
  • Leak Proof Cuffs – Overmolded cuffs will not separate from the hose guard. Each cuff and unit is 100% factory tested.


Legend Notes

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N/A 2.00 in50.80 mm


N/A 2.76 in70.10 mm

Working Pressure at 68°F

N/A 15 psi

Vacuum Rating at 68°F

N/A 29 inHg

Min. Bending Radius at 68°F

N/A 3.5 in

Standard Length

N/A 3 ft

Operating Temperature [Min]

N/A -40 ºF-40 ºC

Operating Temperature [Max]

N/A 150 ºF65 ºC

Weight per Package

N/A 2.55 lb