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ALFAGOMMA Steel Protective Coil Springs and Flat Coil Sleeves prolong the life of hose lines that are exposed to rugged operating conditions.
They distribute the bending radii to avoid kinking in hose lines and protect the hose from excessive wear caused by sharp edges and abrasion and help protect the hose from deep cuts.
The guards are constructed of steel and are plated to resist rust.

Application - For use where hose lines are subjected to excessive abrasion, kinking, or accidental damage.
Length- 13'-1 1/2" (4 m)
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R1S1017-0134 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 0.51 in13.0 mm
R1S1017-0154 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 0.61 in15.5 mm
R1S1017-0174 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 0.67 in17.0 mm
R1S1017-0194 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 0.75 in19.0 mm
R1S1017-0224 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 0.87 in22.0 mm
R1S1017-0264 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 1.02 in26.0 mm
R1S1017-0284 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 1.10 in28.0 mm
R1S1017-0304 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 1.18 in30.0 mm
R1S1017-0344 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 1.34 in34.0 mm
R1S1017-0414 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 1.61 in41.0 mm
R1S1017-0484 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 1.89 in48.0 mm
R1S1017-0544 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 2.13 in54.0 mm
R1S1017-0604 N/A Alfagomma® N/A 2.36 in60.0 mm
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