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Four and six wire spiral reinforced hydraulic hose with MINETUFF cover - AT6KMT
AT6KMT - Four and six wire spirals

All Alfatech 6000 hydraulic hose meets or exceeds the working and burst pressure requirements of SAE 100 R15.
Meets flame resistance acceptance designation US MSHA IC-152/8.

Construction :
Tube - Synthetic rubber, black..oil-resistant.
Reinforcement - Four or six layers of spirally wrapped high tensile steel wire reinforcement separated by synthetic rubber cushion on a fabric layer.
Cover - Synthetic rubber, black… oil, fuel, weather, ozone and abrasion-resistant.

Temperature Range : -40ºF (-40ºC) to 250ºF (121ºC) constant operation
Maximum Operating Temperature : 250ºF (121ºC)

Air Maximum Temperature: 175ºF (80ºC)
Operating temperature in excess of 250ºF (121ºC) may materially reduce the life of the hose.

Freight: Hydraulic Hose can be combined with other KOA products for qualifying prepaid freight orders.
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Item #

Size Code

Nominal I.D.

Nominal O.D.

Max. Working Pressure

Min. Bend Radius

Approx. Weight

Coupling Recommendations Two-Piece Couplings Ferrule Interlock

N/A 12 N/A 3/4 in19 mm N/A 1.27 in32.2 mm N/A 6,000 psi N/A 10 7/10 in267 mm N/A 1.07 lbs/ft N/A XF2
N/A 16 N/A 1 in25 mm N/A 1.52 in38.7 mm N/A 6,000 psi N/A 11 1/5 in280 mm N/A 1.42 lbs/ft N/A XF2
N/A 20 N/A 1 1/4 in32 mm N/A 1.96 in49.8 mm N/A 6,000 psi N/A 11 1/5 in280 mm N/A 1.66 lbs/ft N/A XF1
N/A 24 N/A 1.50 in38 mm N/A 2.26 in57.3 mm N/A 6,000 psi N/A 12 3/5 in315 mm N/A 3.25 lbs/ft N/A XF1
N/A 32 N/A 2.00 in50.8 mm N/A 2.83 in72.0 mm N/A 6,000 psi N/A 24 in600 mm N/A 4.74 lbs/ft N/A ZF1
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