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  • Tigerflex(TM) THT(TM)
  • Piranhaflex Hydraulics - a full line of hydraulic hose and fittings
  • All Kuri Tec(R) and Tigerflex(TM) Food Grade Hoses Are Now Phthalate Free
  • Tri-Couple - The Three-In-One Coupling Solution - One Coupling for Ferrules, Sleeves, and Clamps!

WARNING: End fittings and menders for thermoplastic hose are not inter-changeable.
The use of end fittings and assembly tooling other than that supplied by Piranha® Hose Products is at the risk of the user.
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Hose I.D.

Use with Hose Series

Female Adapter Fittings


N/A 3/8 in N/A LLGR-06 SLGR-06 A06FPX06FS N/A 0.16 lb
N/A 1/2 in5/8 in N/A LAGR-08 LHBK-08 LLBU-08 LLGR-08 LLRD-08 SHBK-08 SLBU-08 SLGR-08 SLLHBK-08 SLRD-08 SLSHBK-08 A08FPX08FS N/A 0.21 lb
N/A 3/4 in N/A HPBU-12 SLHPBU-12 SLSPOR-12 SPOR-12 A12FPX12FS N/A 0.34 lb
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