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  • Dunlop Hiflex Firesafe 5000 Hose

    The Dunlop Hiflex Firesafe 5000 hose offers an effective solution in applications that rely on hydraulically powered emergency systems. These systems are often required to function for a period of time in order to close off fire prevention barriers and valve gear or to maintain other critical services.

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    Technical Specifications:
    HDPE Tubing - Series 2423 Black Weather Resistant Tubing.

    HDPE Tubing Size:
    2423-0440 1/4" OD x 0.040" wall 250 psi working pressure at 70° F (20° C)

    HDPE Tubing Size:
    2423-0662 3/8" OD x 0.062" wall 250 psi working pressure at 70° F (20° C)

    HDPE Tube Material Standards:HDPE Material: ASTM D-1248 classification Type III Class C Grade W9 Category 5 ASTM D-1693 ESCR > 5000 hours

    Black PVC Jacket Material Information:

    • Black PVC Jacket - 3/16" thick jacket combines flexibility with good abrasion resistance.
    • Made using 88 Shore "A" PVC light weight and abrasion resistant compound.
    Bundle Configurations:
    For a choice of available HDPE tubes in ¼" or 3/8" OD sizes, as separate bundle configurations, or in combination.

    Available Lengths:
    The part numbers shown on page 3 indicate standard 1,000 ft. reel lengths of those configurations. Tubing bundles are made to order. Other lengths can be specified and pricing will be based on quantities required at time of order. For inquiries, please contact your nearest Kuriyama sales/warehouse location for more information.

  • T605AA
  • T605AH - 150 PSI Red Petroleum S&D Hose
  • T606AE_72dpi
  • T629AA - 150 PSI Black Biofuel Petroleum Suction Hose
  • T629AA - 150 PSI Black Biofuel Petroleum Suction Hose

    T629 is not recommended for use on a reel.

  • T650AH