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Beverage, LP Gas, and Medical    Bev-Seal Ultra® Series 974H Cabled Barrier Tubing Bundle
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Item # 974H-00120012-05, Bev-Seal Ultra® 974H Series 10 in. Min. Bend Radius and 500 ft Length Cabled Barrier Tubing Bundle

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Construction :
Flushable Bev-Seal Ultra® Series 235 syrup BARRIER tubes, each color coded, individually numbered and branded with date codes for traceability. In each configuration, there are two 3/8" ID PET-lined Bevlex® Plus Series 180 BARRIER hoses specifically included to carry water at pressures up to 300 psig at 70°F. In addition one 1/4" ID Bev-Seal® 176 BARRIER hose has been included to carry carbon dioxide gas at pressures up to 240 (300) psig at 70°F. The cable construction and gunmetal colored "low-friction" extruded jacket allows for convenient one-step installation. The new gunmetal color used in the bundle jacket and in the cover of the 180 Series hoses has an additional black layer to prevent light penetration which helps to suppress algae growth. All component lines as well as the bundle itself carry NSF-51 and NSF-61 listings and are branded accordingly. Sequential footage marks on the bundle jacket add to the ease of installation.

Syrup tubes, water hoses and gas hoses all in one convenient cabled bundle!
Glas-Flex Liner™
One-Step Installation!



1 - 0.265 x 0.457 Bevlex® 170 Gas Hose
10 - 0.380 x 0.500 Bev-Seal Ultra® 235 Syrup Tubes

2 - 0.375 x 0.593 Bevlex® Plus 180 Water Hoses




500 ft

Type of Packages

BAG - Bag

Max. Bundle O.D.

2.3 in

Min. Bend Radius

10 in

Clamp Size

13.3 mm


Cabled Barrier Tubing Bundle


Accuflex Bev Seal Flyer
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Frequently Used Terms & Condition
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Storage & Handling Precaution
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Cautionary Statement & Warranty
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Accuflex 974H Bundle Technical Data Sheet
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