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  • Umbilical’s are groups of hoses and sometimes electrical cables, either cabled at (360°) or layered in a round or semi-round configuration.
  • The outer wrap (cover) will have a specified Urethane or PVC jacket custom made for the customer’s umbilical application.
  • At Kuriyama, we continually focus on innovative, cost effective solutions to meet our customer’s requirements. We have a team in place with combined experience and success in both hose and umbilical manufacturing to meet your needs.
We need just a few questions answered to start the design of your umbilical today.
  1. Desired continuous length.
  2. Number of individual hoses inside the diameter and working pressure.
  3. Electrical specification and outside diameter if included in umbilical.
  4. Full understanding of the application and environment the umbilical will be exposed to.
Whatever your application, we will either have a product or make a product to exceed your needs.
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Features and Advantages

Features and Advantages

  • Kuriyama Oil and Gas produces "Umbilicals" that are individually designed to meet or exceed our customer’s standards.
  • Each hose and jacketing material is carefully evaluated for your project.



  • Subsea Umbilicals for diving
  • Specialty work over
  • Land control BOP
  • Beverage tubing Umbilicals