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Unit of Measure





N/A 5 in

Weight (per Piece)

N/A 3.31 lb


N/A Female Coupler

Swivel Body Material

N/A Aluminum with Stainless Steel Inserts


N/A Aluminum Female Type "C" Adapters


N/A Silver


N/A Quick Acting Swivel Coupling

Features and Benefits


  • No more twisted, leaking flexible metal hoses.
  • Available for 3", 4", 5" and 6" OD flexible metal hoses.
  • Specially-designed Type 316 stainless steel swivel insert is continuously-welded to hose both inside and out . . . provides maximum leak protection and freedom from material build-up.
  • Swivel female coupler features aluminum construction and our exclusive investment cast stainless steel LTW (Lifetime Warranted) handles . . . 3" & 4" sizes have patented Z-Loc locking handles.
  • Swivel male adapter available in aluminum or Type 316 stainless steel.
  • Available with male adapters or female couplers on both ends . . . or one of each.
  • Couplers and adapters are available with factory installation or sold separately, for installation by an established metal hose fabricator. See reverse side for more information.
The arrow tells all! A curved or distorted arrow like this one shows that the hose has been twisted. This could have been prevented with a swivel coupling!

Welding and Assembly Instruction

Welding and Assembly Instruction

    1.Always work in a clean, dry work area.
    2.If the adapter/coupler arrives assembled, it must first be disassembled before the stainless steel insert can be welded to the interlocked metal hose.
    3.To disassemble, remove the set screw with the supplied hex wrench and remove all of the stainless steel ball bearings. Store the ball bearings and the set screw in a clean, dry container.
    4.Separate the male adapter/female coupler body from the stainless steel insert.
    5.Cut the interlocked metal hose to the proper length, making sure that the cut is square.
    6.Slide the stainless steel insert over the hose until the hose end is firmly seated on the shoulder inside the insert.
    7.Using a heli-arc welder, continuously weld the circumference of the hose both internally where the hose meets the shoulder of the insert and externally, where the insert meets the hose. After welding, smooth the internal weldment with a grinder.
    8.After the welded insert and hose have fully cooled to the touch, reassemble the male adapter/female coupler to the insert.
To reassemble:
    A.Ensure that the O-Ring is properly seated in its groove in the interior wall of the male adapter/female coupler.
    B.Slide the male adapter/female coupler over the stainless steel insert.
    C.When the set screw hole on the male adapter/female coupler is aligned with the groove in the stainless steel insert, replace all of the stainless steel ball bearings through the screw hole. Apply a small amount of high quality lubricant to the ball bearings through the hole. Insert the setscrew and tighten with the hex wrench provided. NOTE: Secure the set screw tightly, but do not over-torque. Make sure the male adapter/female coupler rotate on the stainless steel insert smoothly.

California Proposition 65 Information

California Proposition 65 Information

N/A   This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65warnings.ca.gov/