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Unit of Measure

General Applications

General Applications

  • Tank Truck Gravity Drop Fuel Transfer



N/A Specially Blended Nitrile (NBR) Rubber Tube with Polyester Fabric Reinforcement, Rigid PVC Helix and Embedded Grounding Wire.

Service Temperature Range

Service Temperature [Min]

N/A -23.3 ºC-10 ºF

Service Temperature [Max]

N/A 65.5 ºC150 ºF

Features and Advantages

Features and Advantages

  • Specialty Rubber Compounds - Designed to handle gasoline, diesel, ethanol (Meeting ASTM D5798, D4806 or D6751 criteria.) and biodiesel (Meeting ASTM D5798, D4806 or D6751 criteria.).
  • Durable Construction - Designed with high tensile strength polyester yarn fabric reinforcement.
  • Easy to Handle - Lighter weight and greater flexibility than conventional rubber drop hoses.(Based on Tigerflex force to bend test data @ 68ºF.)
  • Grounding Wire - Durable multi-strand copper wire dissipates static electricity. Physically extract wire from the rigid helix and bond to the metal coupling (or by other means) to ground. (Assembly Suggestions:Hose ID specifically designed for use with Kuriyama-Couplings™. Refer to Hose Assembly Coupling Installation Suggestions and Technical Bulletin on page 9 in this.)
  • Static Dissipating Tube - Specially formulated to help prevent the build-up of static electricity for added safety.
  • Easy Slide Helix - Rigid clockwise helix design protects hose tube from cover wear; allows hose to slide easily over rough surfaces.
  • Phthalate Free

Nominal Specifications


N/A 3.03 in77.0 mm


N/A 3.69 in93.7 mm

Working Pressure at 68ºF

N/A 70 psi

Working Pressure at 104ºF

N/A 35 psi

Vacuum Rating at 68ºF

N/A Full

Vacuum Rating at 104ºF

N/A 27 inHg

Min. Bending Radius at 68°F

N/A 6 in

Standard Length

N/A 100 ft


N/A 1.24 lbs/ft



N/A Tigerflex™


N/A Drop Hose


N/A NDH303


N/A Specially Blended Nitrile (NBR) Rubber Tube


N/A Black



N/A Service life may vary depending on operating conditions and type of material being conveyed.