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 Hose Tec® Metal Hose    HTG4300 Series Galvanized Steel Interlocked Rough Bore Hose (Unpacked)
Hose Tec® Metal Hose > Rough Bore (unlined) HT4000 Series > HTG4300 Series Galvanized Steel Interlocked Rough Bore Hose (Unpacked) > Item # HTG4300-950X25  

Item # HTG4300-950X25, HTG4300 Series Galvanized Steel Interlocked Rough Bore Hose (Unlined)

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A single strip of galvanized or 304 stainless steel wound into a interlocked metal hose, with or without packing materials.

Maximum Service Temperature

Max Service Temperature

Galvanized: to 750 ºF (399 ºC)

Features and Advantages
  • Abrasion Resistant and Durable - steel construction resists damage from abrasive and damaging materials.
  • Corrosion Resistant (Stainless Only) - 304 stainless version resists corrosion making it resistant to the elements.
  • Heat Resistant- can withstand very high temperatures allowing for the transfer of hot materials.
  • Conductive - prevents the build-up of static electricity eliminating the risk of “hose arcing”.
  • Flexible - corrugations allow for greater flexibility than lined metal hose.

  • Abrasive material handling
  • BOP (Blow out Protection) for hydraulic, cryogenic and other high pressure hoses
  • Bulk truck and railcar unloading
  • Dry bulk transfer
  • Fly ash and soda handling
  • Grain handling
  • Transfer of high temperature air, gasses and materials
  • Protective armor/shielding for hoses
  • Truck tailpipe exhaust
  • Vacuum trucks and equipment

Nominal Specifications


Hose Tec®


Extra Heavy Weight




Galvanized Steel

Wall Thickness

0.0290 in

Max. Service Temp

750 ºF

Hose Size I.D.

9 1/2 in

Min. Inside Bend Radius

35.50 in


7.80 lbs/ft

Standard Length

25 ft


Interlocked Rough Bore Hose

Standard length is 25 ft.,When Fully Extended; other lengths available on request.

Also available in oval, square or rectangle.


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