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Silicone Coated, Two-Ply, Woven Fiberglass Ducting Hose with Chemically Treated Steel Wire Helix
Unit of Measure

General Applications

General Applications

  • Ducting, Ventilation & Fume removal
  • Dust Control
  • High Temperature Air Handling
  • Plastic Processing Dryers



N/A Silicone Coated, Two-Ply, Woven Fiberglass Hose with Steel Wire Helix and Double Continuous Filament, Silicone Treated Fiberglass Cord.

Features and Advantages

Features and Advantages

  • Silicone Coated, Woven Fiberglass Material – Vulcanized for high durability and long service life. Well suited for air handling and fume control at both high and low temperatures extremes.
  • Smooth Air Flow with Minimum Friction Loss – Internal ply and narrow pitch helix allow for a tight bend radius while still maintaining smooth air flow. Other similar hoses create restricted inside diameter in bends or axial compression.
  • Easy Installation – Light weight and highly kink resistant construction allows for easy installation in tight spaces requiring multiple bends.
  • Steel Wire Helix – Highly durable steel wire provides strength and allows for use at higher temperatures without risk of hose deformation. Wire can be grounded for static dissipation.(CAUTION: This product is designed to dissipate static electricity when the metal wire is physically extracted and securely connected to ground, through the fitting or by other means.)

Service Temperature Range

Service Temperature [Min]

N/A -80 ºF-62 ºC

Service Temperature [Max]

N/A 600 ºF316 ºC

Intermittent Service Temperature

N/A 316 ºC600 ºF

Nominal Specifications


N/A 4 1/2 in114.3 mm

Min. Bending Radius at 68° F

N/A 5 in

Wall Thickness

N/A 0.08 in

Max. WP at 68° F

N/A 35 psi

Vacuum Rating at 68ºF

N/A 8 inHg

Max. Leakage CFM

N/A 0.050 ft³/min

Cuff Length

N/A 1 1/2 in


N/A 12 ft


N/A 0.60 lbs/ft



N/A Ducting Hose


N/A Two-Ply Ducting Hose


N/A Silicone Coated, Woven Fiberglass


N/A For both High and Low Temperature Extremes

Compliance Footnotes

Compliance Footnotes

N/A RoHS – The product complies with the requirements of the EU directive 2002/95/EC which is on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment



N/A Service life may vary depending on operating conditions and type of material being conveyed.