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Unit of Measure

General Applications

General Applications

  • Air Conditioning, Spot Cooling and Heating Systems
  • Clean room and Chemical Fume Exhaust
  • Ducting, Ventilation & Fume removal
  • Dust Control
  • Not for Liquid Handling Use
  • OEM Equipment Applications



N/A Extendable/Contractible Polypropylene Tube with Steel Wire Helix.

Service Temperature Range

Service Temperature [Min]

N/A -4 ºF-20 ºC

Service Temperature [Max]

N/A 175 ºF80 ºC

Features and Advantages

Features and Advantages

  • Polypropylene Tube – Inert polypropylene material produces no off-gassing and is resistant to a wide variety of chemical fumes, making it ideal for a wide variety of clean room and fume exhaust applications.
  • Extendible and Contractible – Hose extends easily and can be contracted to approximately one-third of full extended length for storage, shipping or where the full length is not required.
  • Self-supporting – Unique construction allows the hose to maintain it shape and support itself once positioned.
  • Steel Wire Helix – Steel wire provides strength and allows for use at higher temperatures without risk of hose deformation. Well suited for high cycle applications. (CAUTION: This product is designed to dissipate static electricity when the metal wire is physically extracted and securely connected to ground, through the fitting or by other means.)
  • Interlock Construction – Two sections can be joined by twisting them together. No mender required.
  • Phthalate Free.

Nominal Specifications


N/A White


N/A 2 in53.5 mm


N/A 2.26 in57.5 mm

Working Pressure at 68° F

N/A 13 psi

Working Pressure at 104°F

N/A 6 psi

Vacuum Rating at 68°F

N/A 21 inHg

Vacuum Rating at 104°F

N/A 12 inHg

Min. Bending Radius at 68° F

N/A 1.6 in


N/A 20 ft

Approx. Contracted Shipping Length Hose Only

N/A 82 in

Weight (Hose Only)

N/A 0.12 lbs/ft



N/A TigerDuct™, Extendo-Duct®


N/A Extendo-Duct


N/A Polypropylene


N/A Ducting Hose


N/A Self-Supporting Ducting Hose


N/A Extendible/Contractible

Compliance Footnotes

Compliance Footnotes

N/A Phthalate Free – Manufactured from all phthalate free materials.



N/A Service life may vary depending on operating conditions and type of material being conveyed.