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The KFP-10, 10 Ton 110 Volt Fitting Pusher takes the time consuming and difficult task of installing fittings on hoses from 2 inch to 12 inches and makes it quick, safe, and simple.

The portability of the KFP-10 makes it easy to bring the Fitting Pusher to the job and its ease of operation and versatility makes the KFP-10 the essential cost saving tool that no industrial hose shop can afford to be without.

With the KFP-10 Fitting Pusher’s low profile, swivel Casters and 110 Volt requirement it can be quickly and easily moved to the job. The simple strap hold down system makes it easy to quickly and accurately position the hose.

The 110 Volt Pump and swivel casters make it easy to take the KFP-10 right to the job..
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N/A 10 t