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Bite Type Tube Fitting
Unit of Measure

Former Part Number

New Part Number

For Use with these Hoses

Dash Size

Hose ID Size

F Thread Size (in.)

C Cut-Off Factor


Weight Each

N/A C12213B10-0404 C-0404-BTTF N/A R1AT/R2AT/FXP2 N/A 04 N/A 1/4 in6.4 mm N/A 7/16-20 N/A 24.8 mm N/A 12 mm N/A 0.12 lb
N/A C12213B10-0606 C-0606-BTTF N/A R1AT/R2AT/FXP2 N/A 06 N/A 3/8 in9.5 mm N/A 9/16-18 N/A 26.2 mm N/A 16 mm N/A 0.16 lb
N/A C12213B10-0808 C-0808-BTTF N/A R1AT/R2AT/FXP2 N/A 08 N/A 1/2 in12.7 mm N/A 3/4-16 N/A 30.4 mm N/A 22 mm N/A 0.22 lb
Unit of Measure