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The Dunlop Hiflex Firesafe 5000 hose offers an effective solution in applications that rely on hydraulically powered emergency systems. These systems are often required to function for a period of time in order to close off fire prevention barriers and valve gear or to maintain other critical services.

Tube: Black; oil resistant synthetic rubber.
Reinforcement: Four/six high tensile steel spirals.
Cover: Red; oil & fire resistant synthetic rubber.
Lengths: Contact Kuriyama for sizes -04 through -16; all larger sizes 100 ft.
Safety Factor: 4:1

Available Assembly Accessories:
NOTE – Please contact Kuriyama of America for Assembly Instructions.
  • Fiberglass Wrap - Part Number FSFT-24-1/8X100 For extra insulation over crimped hose end
  • Over Ferrules (Part numbers in last column of table below)
    To be crimped over fiberglass wrapped hose end to secure and provide extra protection
  • High Temp Caulk FSPLT-310MLTUBE
    To seal any exposed areas after wrap and over-ferrule are applied

    Temperature Range: Constant operation -40°F (-40°C) to 250°F (+121°C)

    Freight: Hydraulic Hose can be combined with other KOA products for qualifying prepaid freight orders.
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Item #

Size Code

Nominal I.D.

Nominal O.D.

Max. Working Pressure

Min. Bend Radius

Approx. Weight (per 100 ft.)

FS5000-04 N/A 04 N/A 1/4 in6.00 mm N/A 1.020 in26.0 mm N/A 5,000 psi N/A 5.91 in150 mm N/A 47.00 lb
FS5000-06 N/A 06 N/A 3/8 in10.00 mm N/A 1.130 in28.7 mm N/A 5,000 psi N/A 7.09 in180 mm N/A 53.00 lb
FS5000-08 N/A 08 N/A 1/2 in12.00 mm N/A 1.250 in31.8 mm N/A 5,000 psi N/A 9.06 in230 mm N/A 86.00 lb
FS5000-12 N/A 12 N/A 3/4 in20.00 mm N/A 1.560 in39.6 mm N/A 5,000 psi N/A 11.81 in300 mm N/A 124.00 lb
FS5000-16 N/A 16 N/A 1 in25.00 mm N/A 1.850 in47.0 mm N/A 5,000 psi N/A 13.39 in340 mm N/A 180.00 lb
FS5000-20 N/A 20 N/A 1 1/4 in32.00 mm N/A 2.120 in53.8 mm N/A 5,000 psi N/A 18.11 in460 mm N/A 224.00 lb
FS5000-24 N/A 24 N/A 1 1/2 in38.00 mm N/A 2.590 in65.8 mm N/A 5,000 psi N/A 22.05 in560 mm N/A 394.00 lb
FS5000-32 N/A 32 N/A 2 in51.00 mm N/A 3.130 in79.4 mm N/A 5,000 psi N/A 27.56 in700 mm N/A 522.00 lb
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