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Extend the life of your hose assemblies with Kuriyama’s Nylon Sleeve Guard. This unique tubular woven product provides ideal physical protection against abrasion and other external conditions found in many hydraulic hose applications. Additionally, this sleeving serves as a means of bundling several hydraulic hoses together for further protection and clean routing.
The nylon tubular sleeving withstands temperatures of 250ºF (120ºC) and has MSHA acceptance, while maintaining its flexibility in extreme cold applications.
Standard packaging is 100 and 50 foot rolls, depending on the size. Other lengths and colors are available upon request or as indicated below.
"Nominal Flat Size" refers to the width of the sleeving when flat, radius to radius. It is recommended that the ends of the sleeves be heated after cutting to resist fraying. For secure fastening, sleeves are often band clamped or tied with nylon ties.
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Item #

Nominal Flat Size

Range of Hose ODs for this size

Round ID

Coil Size

Weight Est.

NS-04 N/A 1.250 in N/A 0.48 to 0.70 in N/A 0.796 in N/A 100 ft N/A 2.99 lbs./coil
NS-06 N/A 1.500 in N/A 0.61 to 0.84 in N/A 0.955 in N/A 100 ft N/A 3.02 lbs./coil
NS-08 N/A 1.875 in N/A 0.77 to 0.97 in N/A 1.194 in N/A 100 ft N/A 4.37 lbs./coil
NS-10 N/A 1.938 in N/A 0.93 to 1.11 in N/A 1.234 in N/A 100 ft N/A 4.12 lbs./coil
NS-12 N/A 2.125 in N/A 1.09 to 1.27 in N/A 1.353 in N/A 100 ft N/A 4.11 lbs./coil
NS-16 N/A 2.563 in N/A 1.40 to 1.56 in N/A 1.632 in N/A 50 ft N/A 2.72 lbs./coil
NS-20 N/A 3.313 in N/A 1.71 to 1.96 in N/A 2.109 in N/A 50 ft N/A 3.58 lbs./coil
NS-24 N/A 3.813 in N/A 1.99 to 2.26 in N/A 2.428 in N/A 50 ft N/A 4.17 lbs./coil
NS-32 N/A 4.563 in N/A 2.52 to 2.79 in N/A 2.906 in N/A 50 ft N/A 4.92 lbs./coil
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